flying the eco-friendly skies
United strives to become an environmentally conscious airline.

If you need to get from one city to another and you are consumed with environmentally charged concers then your transportation options are limited to and probably in this order: train, eclectic vehicle, bicycle, legs and/or horse.

However, if you must fly then taking United out of LA will assuage some of that guilt.

United Airlines has strengthened its commitment to being more environmentally conscious, after confirming a purchase of sustainable aviation biofuel.

Earlier this year, the company extended its contract with Boston based biofuel producer World Energy, by investing in  ten million gallons over the next two years.

United made history in 2016 after becoming the first US Airline to use commercial scale volumes of aviation biofuel. The fuel has sustainably powered every flight departing from their Los Angeles hub, achieving more than a 60% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

This renewal will further assist United in achieving its admirable aim to reduce its  greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2050.

So while other airlines like Cathay, Singapore and British Airways are using carbon friendly fuels there is much still to be done.  One story that made the headlines yesterday was the enormous amount of plastics airlines use for in-flight catering.

There are some 5.7million tons of cabin waste each year.  That is an incredible amount.

Apparently very little of it can be recycled or reused because of the agricultural restrictions many countries have on food related items. As a consequence, much of these plastics are incinerated.

Here’s an interesting story from the BBC regarding a potential revolution in the production of the inflight meal tray.  Here’s hoping it happens sooner rather than later.

Photos from United Airlines Media Department: